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Mounted Pow Mia Flags: Natural Wood Staff 1-11 Flags


Product Overview

  • Made in the USA
  • Choose from four different fabrics
  • Staff sizes: Endura-Gloss, Lightweight Cotton, No-Fray Econ Cotton: 3/16″ x 10″; Endura-Gloss 1/4″ x 18; Endura-Poly 5/16″ x 30″
  • Staff material: wooden

Please call the National Flag Store to order: 608-313-8801
Quantity discounts available! 10% Military and Senior Discount.


Product Description

This top quality printed  flag is made in the USA by Eder Flag Company. Made with gold spears. Choose from Lightweight Cotton, No-Fray Econ Cotton, Endura-Gloss, and Endura-Poly fabrics.

Additional Information

Lightweight Cotton

4″ x 6″ $1.06 Natural Wood

Endura Gloss

8″ x 12″ $7.60 Black Wood

Endura Poly

12″ x 18″ $4.00 Natural Wood

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